Numbers Only

Holy crap, guys. Holy crap. Let me tell you about Kiko’s nail polishes. (Also, I’m trying out using square formatted photos! Let me know what you think.)

This is Kiko Nail Lacquer 488, a pink-leaning coral with sparse gold shimmer. I keep saying that I never wear pink and then I go and keep doing it because the universe is trying to make a liar out of me. Unacceptable. But in all seriousness, I love this color.

The formula on this is literal perfection; my nails are only messy because I’m bad at painting them, haha. For someone with steadier hands, this would practically paint itself on. It only took two coats to reach opacity as well.

And this lovely color is Kiko Nail Lacquer 532, a teal base with gold glass fleck shimmer. I guess this would be considered a foil? The finish looks very foily to me but I don’t really know for sure. It’s almost like a teal version of Zoya Remy, where the gold particles look green because of the color of the base. It’s deceptive but it’s a gorgeous effect—I only saw that the flecks were gold once I started taking the polish off! And I guess it’s slightly visible in the bottle as well.

The formula on this was like butter as well. It was smooth and it didn’t try to run or pool in my cuticles or anything. And both of these polishes were ridiculously affordable; I think they sell at Kiko for about three dollars each (the website has them listed in GBP so I can’t tell you for sure!).

Have any of you guys tried Kiko polishes? What do you think of them?

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