China Glaze Ombre Skittles!

Hello everybody! It’s been a while—I’ve been doing too much swatching and not enough posting! I promise I’ll get my butt in gear and fix that—I have TONS of photos in my buffer now; all I have to do is crop and watermark them.

What I have for you today is some simple nail art ahem, “art” that I slapped on really quickly because I was going swimming and I didn’t want to go with naked nails because water + nails = bad times.

I was recently given a whole lot of secondhand polish by a coworker, and with those additions to my stash I realized that I had a pretty smooth gradient of colors. All of the polishes pictured are China Glaze. On my thumb is China Glaze I Sea The Point, my index finger is Shower Together, middle is Four Leaf Clover, ring is Treble Maker, and pinky is Highlight Of My Summer.


I don’t have much to say beyond that—they’re China Glaze so application was pretty smooth on all of them. The only problem I had was Highlight Of My Summer being slightly sheerer than the rest, so all I needed to do was add a third coat of that; the rest were all two-coaters.

Thanks for swinging by today!


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