Flakie Photodump

Hello again, lovelies! Someday I will come up with a nickname for my readers, I just… don’t have enough readers to warrant doing that yet. But someday!

Anyhow. I’m kind of itching to get through my photo buffer, because now I’m getting to a point where I have too many photos and I’m spending way too long trying to decide what to post, and then there’s too many photos to edit… So I’m including a few manis at once in this post.

This post is going to be very image heavy!!

Let’s get started! This is two coats of OPI My Car Has Navy-gation, which is a super pretty slightly purple-leaning bright navy. The formula leaves a bit to be desired though, it was a little tricky. I don’t think this dries quite semi-matte, but it’s definitely not glossy and will require topcoat to get that nice shine. Above is without topcoat.


And then I topped it with pure magic. And by that I mean ILNP Electric Carnival, a gorgeous fuchsia to gold to green shifting multichrome flakie. This was only one coat!! Electric Carnival, like the rest of ILNP’s flakie line, has incredible payoff. It can be layered to complete opacity in as little as three coats. 😀

And… hm. This is a polish by Cosmetic Arts (made by the same company as Color Club) and it doesn’t have a name—none of them do! I’ve been calling this one Lava Flow, hehe. It’s pretty brushstroke-y and doesn’t look nearly as nice as it does in the bottle, so it’s kind of disappointing.

I didn’t swatch the Cosmetic Arts polish on its own—those fancy gold flakes are New York Color Top Of The Gold. It really does make this polish look like lava. 😀

It’s too bad that reddish colors don’t look very good with my skintone. Oh well!!

For my last flakie mani, I decided to recreate one of my earliest manicures on my blog now that the quality of my photos has improved. This is one coat of Color Club Naughtycal Navy, which is indistinguishable from black in anything but direct light, topped with H&M Glitter Nail Polish 3D Glitter. You need to dab a lot to get full coverage since this polish is pretty base heavy, but it leaves a lot of bubbles as a result, so… application could be a little better, haha.

It holds a special place in my heart regardless, because of how jewel-like it makes my nails look. 😀

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Meteor Shower

Hello again! I am on a roll with getting these posts out! Although that would be more of an accomplishment if I had more than one photo to show you this time around. All of the shots I’d taken were pretty redundant, and you don’t really need to see this polish from different angles anyway.

Oh cripes my poor effin’ cuticles. This was taken a while ago, before I’d started moisturizing multiple times a day. Ick. Sorry about that!

Anyways, let’s try to ignore that and look at the pretty topper. I have on Mineral Fusion Meteor Shower, a clear base full of shredded lavender glitter, over top of Sally Hansen I Lilac You. Meteor Shower wasn’t exactly sparse, but you definitely need to dab a bit to get the coverage that I got.

It was interesting to see something like this from a mainstream brand—I hardly ever see shredded glitters from indie brands, let alone mainstream ones. OPI has Gaining Mole-Mentum and Color Club has Diamond Drops and Fame & Fortune, but those are about the only ones I’ve heard about. Lavender’s such an unexpected color for one, though; I’m really happy with it!

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Numbers Only

Holy crap, guys. Holy crap. Let me tell you about Kiko’s nail polishes. (Also, I’m trying out using square formatted photos! Let me know what you think.)

This is Kiko Nail Lacquer 488, a pink-leaning coral with sparse gold shimmer. I keep saying that I never wear pink and then I go and keep doing it because the universe is trying to make a liar out of me. Unacceptable. But in all seriousness, I love this color.

The formula on this is literal perfection; my nails are only messy because I’m bad at painting them, haha. For someone with steadier hands, this would practically paint itself on. It only took two coats to reach opacity as well.

And this lovely color is Kiko Nail Lacquer 532, a teal base with gold glass fleck shimmer. I guess this would be considered a foil? The finish looks very foily to me but I don’t really know for sure. It’s almost like a teal version of Zoya Remy, where the gold particles look green because of the color of the base. It’s deceptive but it’s a gorgeous effect—I only saw that the flecks were gold once I started taking the polish off! And I guess it’s slightly visible in the bottle as well.

The formula on this was like butter as well. It was smooth and it didn’t try to run or pool in my cuticles or anything. And both of these polishes were ridiculously affordable; I think they sell at Kiko for about three dollars each (the website has them listed in GBP so I can’t tell you for sure!).

Have any of you guys tried Kiko polishes? What do you think of them?

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China Glaze Ombre Skittles!

Hello everybody! It’s been a while—I’ve been doing too much swatching and not enough posting! I promise I’ll get my butt in gear and fix that—I have TONS of photos in my buffer now; all I have to do is crop and watermark them.

What I have for you today is some simple nail art ahem, “art” that I slapped on really quickly because I was going swimming and I didn’t want to go with naked nails because water + nails = bad times.

I was recently given a whole lot of secondhand polish by a coworker, and with those additions to my stash I realized that I had a pretty smooth gradient of colors. All of the polishes pictured are China Glaze. On my thumb is China Glaze I Sea The Point, my index finger is Shower Together, middle is Four Leaf Clover, ring is Treble Maker, and pinky is Highlight Of My Summer.


I don’t have much to say beyond that—they’re China Glaze so application was pretty smooth on all of them. The only problem I had was Highlight Of My Summer being slightly sheerer than the rest, so all I needed to do was add a third coat of that; the rest were all two-coaters.

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Not more pink!

You guys remember how I’ve said before that I don’t like wearing pink? (Don’t look too hard at those photos. Eww.) I take that back. I was so wrong.


This is two coats of Fresh Paint Lollipop Hammer, which is a spectacular name. It’s a bright neon pink that, while it might be a bit too loud for a mani, makes for a great pedicure! I have it on my toes right now. 😀


I was actually surprised at how well this applied. I don’t use many neons, but I’ve heard the horror stories that usually accompany their application—I’m happy to say that I had no such problems here! The polish was thin but not sheer or runny, and was incredibly easy to work with. Two coats is all you’ll need.

I’m not totally surprised at the quality of this polish, though. Fresh Paint is a new-to-me brand, but the label with the polish name on the bottom of the bottle looks identical to those of Color Club polishes—which leads me to believe that they’re owned by the same company, but I can’t find out for sure.


Speaking of which, I topped this off with a Color Club polish! This is one dabbed on coat of Color Club Fame & Fortune. It has shredded silver holographic bits (I couldn’t for the life of me tell you what they’re made out of) suspended in a translucent pink jelly. I don’t think this could be layered to opacity on its own, which is why I layered it over another pink.


The holographic bits are a but sturdier than I’d like, but their small size keeps them workable, so I didn’t have too much trouble with ‘em. You’ll definitely need to do some dabbing for maximum “glitter” payoff though.

I believe these are the last of my “I’m too lazy to go use my lightbox to take decent photos” pictures! Knock on wood, haha. After this, everything should be looking a lot prettier and better lit. :B

Fresh Paint Nail Lacquer can be purchased in Five Below stores, and Color Club is available at Harmon’s Face Value stores, or at Nails Ave and HB Beauty Bar.

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Figures I’d post a dragon right after a mermaid.

Happy Monday, everyone! (Even though Monday is almost over at the time of writing/posting this, oops.) How was everybody’s weekends? I went to New York Renaissance Faire, like the huge dork that I not-so-secretly am. This week’s theme was “Kilt Weekend,” and I discovered that there are a lot of men with way nicer legs than mine. It happens. And while I didn’t dress up, I did wear something apropos for the occasion.

This magical concoction is Starlight Polish Dragon Scales, a teal-blue jelly base with gallons of bronze/gold/green shifting shimmer. I used two coats on its own, but it can be layered, which I think would help with the tiiiiny bit of translucence I have at my tips if that sort of thing bothers you. It was less visible in person though, the shimmer totally drowned it out.

This didn’t shrink back once I put on topcoat either, which I’m thrilled about! Jellies always do that to me because they hate me. But not Dragon Scales. She’s too good for that.

Flash pic! Look at that yummy shimmer. Fabulous!

And finally, Dragon Scales in indirect light, where she’s still very pretty and dignified.

Am I making it obvious enough that I’m in love with this polish? I’ve had it on for three days and I still can’t stop staring at my nails! (I should also mention that it still hasn’t chipped at all! Though I’m not sure how much of that is due to the quality of the polish or to my daily application of Duri Rejuvacote on top of it.)

This is my first experience with Starlight Polish and it sure as heck won’t be my last. I actually bought a second polish from them and plan to wear and swatch that soon; I’m so excited to try it out now, haha.

Their polishes can be purchased at their Etsy shop!

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