I put a spell on you!

Well, August is officially halfway over… And I cannot even begin to tell you all how much I’m not looking forward to another brutal New Jersey autumn/winter. Or going back to college. But I digress. The polish I have for you all today is one that I’ve had since last November, and in my opinion it’s a perfect fall color!

This is Wet n’ Wild Under Your Spell. I’m having difficulty finding the exact words to describe it, but to me it looks like a blackened base with loads of gorgeous burgundy shimmer.

These photos are all three coats plus topcoat, but I feel like the shimmer would have been even more apparent if I’d added a fourth coat. So, it’s kind of… disappointingly sheer. But, the formula is so thin that three or four coats still feels like a normal amount of polish; it doesn’t feel thick or take hours to dry. It all evens out in the end and does make it wearable without being too troublesome to apply. Or you can just layer it over black. 😛

Oh, and a few times I’ve worn this, I had what was either gnarly tip shrink or extremely fast tip wear. For one reason or another, by the second day of wear the polish was totally off my tips! I’m not sure why this was, but it didn’t happen this time. But I do feel like it’s worth mentioning!

I think this is an exact dupe for OPI Midnight in Moscow! I’ll do a comparison post soon, maybe once it gets a little closer to fall, haha.

Despite all its problems, I really do love Under Your Spell and I think it’s an absolutely gorgeous color. If you’re not willing to splurge on Midnight in Moscow, this is a cheap alternative, and it can be layered over black if you want to preserve the polish and save on some layers. :B

What about you guys? Have you got any polishes that are your go-to fall colors?


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