Mint is my favorite flavor of them all

Okay that title is a complete lie, mint is actually one of my least favorite flavors. But it’s definitely my favorite color!

I’ve got another Rainbow Honey polish for you all today, so let’s get right into it.

This girl is Rainbow Honey Mint Flavor and she’s beautiful and she deserves your respect. Above is two thick coats with topcoat.

Mint Flavor is pretty unique among my polishes—it’s a sort of a minty aqua blue, pastel but still distinctly bright. Kind of like a pastel neon, if such a thing exists. It’s a great color on its own, but the slightly shifty microglitter really steps it up.

I always get compliments when I wear this color! People just seem to love it, and it really draws the eye. I don’t even know what else to say about it, besides that I really adore it!

Mint Flavor is actually in RH’s Last Call section, so you need to snatch it up before it’s gone! (I got myself a back up bottle, haha.)

Later, loves!


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