That’s not blue!

Hello hello everybody! I have a swatch from a new to me brand called Mineral Fusion. I’d only ever seen them in the Whole Body section of Whole Foods, but they apparently also retail at Target and Ulta. And then there’s also their online store. I picked up several bottles, this post is going to focus on my favorite only.

Mineral Fusion Blue Nile is kind of hard to describe. For one, it’s way more teal than blue, and it has a gorgeous metallic shimmer that’s so strong it almost looks duochrome. It’s gnarly.

The flash (and I guess my camera) also made this look more blue than it appears in real life—this thing is straight up teal leaning on green. Where they pulled “blue” from, I have no idea. And “Emerald Nile” would have been a way cooler name! Missed opportunity, Mineral Fusion.

Application for this was fine, if I recall correctly (someday I will learn to write these things down, but today is not that day), and it gave complete coverage really easily. All my photos are two coats with topcoat. This was definitely the stunner of the group that I picked up, although Meteor Shower was a close second; I’ll have photos of that up soon!

Thanks for swingin’ by, my lovelies!


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