Drabble and a dream

So that was kind of a long-ish absence… At least, longer than I’m comfortable with. Truth is, I snapped a bunch of pictures of chameleon polishes that I couldn’t use! I haven’t been able to get pictures of every color that they change to, so I didn’t feel ready to post them. And that was pretty much my entire photo buffer!

Then I realized that I had perfectly usable pictures that I’d forgotten totally about. Oops.

This is one of those polishes I spent way too much money on at Sephora, Deborah Lippmann Mermaid’s Dream. It’s almost a year old now, yikes!

Mermaid’s Dream is a light aqua blue foil with small cobalt blue hex glitters. I like how the foil doesn’t completely drown out the glitters beneath it if you do layers; it gives the polish some depth and is a nice effect!

To my complete surprise, you don’t have to layer this over another color to achieve opacity. This is two thin coats, although I did notice some patches while photographing—it probably would have benefited from a third. But it’s so thin on the nail that three coats wouldn’t feel thick or take long to dry. Drying time on this was very quick as well!

This wasn’t my first Lippmann, but I definitely had a way better experience with this one. And my photography’s slightly less sucky (although this was during my brief stint where I was too lazy to set up my lightbox again and my photos were suckier than usual)!

Thanks for reading!


I put a spell on you!

Well, August is officially halfway over… And I cannot even begin to tell you all how much I’m not looking forward to another brutal New Jersey autumn/winter. Or going back to college. But I digress. The polish I have for you all today is one that I’ve had since last November, and in my opinion it’s a perfect fall color!

This is Wet n’ Wild Under Your Spell. I’m having difficulty finding the exact words to describe it, but to me it looks like a blackened base with loads of gorgeous burgundy shimmer.

These photos are all three coats plus topcoat, but I feel like the shimmer would have been even more apparent if I’d added a fourth coat. So, it’s kind of… disappointingly sheer. But, the formula is so thin that three or four coats still feels like a normal amount of polish; it doesn’t feel thick or take hours to dry. It all evens out in the end and does make it wearable without being too troublesome to apply. Or you can just layer it over black. 😛

Oh, and a few times I’ve worn this, I had what was either gnarly tip shrink or extremely fast tip wear. For one reason or another, by the second day of wear the polish was totally off my tips! I’m not sure why this was, but it didn’t happen this time. But I do feel like it’s worth mentioning!

I think this is an exact dupe for OPI Midnight in Moscow! I’ll do a comparison post soon, maybe once it gets a little closer to fall, haha.

Despite all its problems, I really do love Under Your Spell and I think it’s an absolutely gorgeous color. If you’re not willing to splurge on Midnight in Moscow, this is a cheap alternative, and it can be layered over black if you want to preserve the polish and save on some layers. :B

What about you guys? Have you got any polishes that are your go-to fall colors?


Positively misty-eyed

I’d promised that I’d give Jordana Ocean Mist another chance to prove itself after last time’s disaster. It didn’t disappoint at all! Let’s take a look.

Here I have one coat of Ocean Mist layered over Wet n’ Wild I Need A Refresh-Mint. The color didn’t change drastically, but it as still a magical transformation nonetheless. This combo was like… music to my eyes! Except, you know, in a way that makes sense. I couldn’t stop looking at my gorgeous frosty nails! And I didn’t have any bubbling problems like last time. 😀

Even though Ocean Mist behaved this time around, I Need A Refresh-Mint stained the ever-loving life out of my nails… It’s my own fault for not using a basecoat. Just make sure you don’t make the same mistake as I did if you decide to use this guy!

I’m so darned pleased with this combination, and I was basically entranced by it when I wore it as a full mani. It’s so simple, but it’s probably one of my favorite manicures that I’ve given myself to date.

What about you guys? Got any simple manicures you just can’t take your eyes off of?


Mint is my favorite flavor of them all

Okay that title is a complete lie, mint is actually one of my least favorite flavors. But it’s definitely my favorite color!

I’ve got another Rainbow Honey polish for you all today, so let’s get right into it.

This girl is Rainbow Honey Mint Flavor and she’s beautiful and she deserves your respect. Above is two thick coats with topcoat.

Mint Flavor is pretty unique among my polishes—it’s a sort of a minty aqua blue, pastel but still distinctly bright. Kind of like a pastel neon, if such a thing exists. It’s a great color on its own, but the slightly shifty microglitter really steps it up.

I always get compliments when I wear this color! People just seem to love it, and it really draws the eye. I don’t even know what else to say about it, besides that I really adore it!

Mint Flavor is actually in RH’s Last Call section, so you need to snatch it up before it’s gone! (I got myself a back up bottle, haha.)

Later, loves!


That’s not blue!

Hello hello everybody! I have a swatch from a new to me brand called Mineral Fusion. I’d only ever seen them in the Whole Body section of Whole Foods, but they apparently also retail at Target and Ulta. And then there’s also their online store. I picked up several bottles, this post is going to focus on my favorite only.

Mineral Fusion Blue Nile is kind of hard to describe. For one, it’s way more teal than blue, and it has a gorgeous metallic shimmer that’s so strong it almost looks duochrome. It’s gnarly.

The flash (and I guess my camera) also made this look more blue than it appears in real life—this thing is straight up teal leaning on green. Where they pulled “blue” from, I have no idea. And “Emerald Nile” would have been a way cooler name! Missed opportunity, Mineral Fusion.

Application for this was fine, if I recall correctly (someday I will learn to write these things down, but today is not that day), and it gave complete coverage really easily. All my photos are two coats with topcoat. This was definitely the stunner of the group that I picked up, although Meteor Shower was a close second; I’ll have photos of that up soon!

Thanks for swingin’ by, my lovelies!