Bow Massacre

All I have in my photo buffer is nail art! So I hope you guys don’t mind it.

I started with two coats of OPI Italian Love Affair. It’s a cute blush pink with a hint of pearlescent shimmer; I need to swatch it on its own someday. Then I layered Color Club Snow-Flakes (the new, non-rainbow flakie formula that makes my soul weep) over it to break it up a little.

Then I painted China Glaze White On White in a diagonal line across my nails. I needed to do this twice to make it fully opaque. Then I used a thin nail art brush and China Glaze Liquid Leather to paint the black line across, and the bows themselves.

I tried to make these look a little more interesting by putting tiny black nail art studs from Born Pretty Store on the center of each bow, but you can barely see them in the pictures and you couldn’t see them at all in real life! So I ended up just holding my hands up to people and going “TOUCH MY NAILS. FEEL MY ARTWORK.” They didn’t appreciate it.

So even though they were, uh… a little sloppy, I actually got a few compliments on them. And I appreciated that, because the validation of strangers fuels me – it’s like my coffee.

Thanks for stopping by!


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