SFX Topcoat Love

Effects topcoats are SO FRICKIN’ RAD, AM I RIGHT? I’m going to assume that you all said yes, because they are. This is good. I like when we’re all in hypothetical agreement.

This is gonna be a pretty long, image-heavy post, so hold on to your figurative and/or literal hats!


Let’s start with, not an effects topcoat, but two buttery, shiny, perfectly smooth coats of H&M Midnight Passion.




Sigh. It’s just so perfect. I almost feel bad to cover it up!





It’d be lovely to wear on its own, but this time I topped it with Orly Fifty Four. This was two coats, if I recall correctly. I’m pretty pleased with it. I’ll probably use it on a green or some sort of cool color next time, I imagine that would look quite nice.



Next I have two coats of Finger Paints Urban Lights. I’m not usually a fan of almost-black colors, but I was quite happy with this one. And the color shift between purple and blue actually shows up surprisingly well on the nail.




I took lots of pictures of this one to make sure I got the full shift. 😀


Then I learned that it’s better not to ruin it if you’ve got something good going. 😦



I’ll give this one very bubbly coat of Jordana Ocean Frost a pass because this bottle’s probably over a decade old and my application wasn’t great. And don’t get me wrong, I love the color and sheen, but I think I prefer Urban Lights on its own. Ocean Frost would probably look great over a lighter color, like maybe a lavender or a lighter blue.


And last, but certainly not least, is China Glaze I Sea The Point topped with the magical rainbow glory that is Girly Bits Shift Happens!



I failed to get any shots of I Sea The Point on its own (d’oh!), but it’s so pretty with Shift Happens on it that I kind of don’t care, haha. I wore this as a manicure to work and I got loads of compliments on it. 😀

I’m so in love with effects toppers that I think I have more of them than solid colors to layer them over. Oops!

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