Birthday Nails!!

It’s my birthday and I did nail art that actually looks kinda nice!!! Oh gosh.

On my pinkie, index finger, and thumb I used Rainbow Honey Kawako. It’s a shimmery midnight blue with tiny silver flecks in it. It has a similar look to Essie Starry Starry Night, I think! Very cool.


My middle and ring fingers have one gorgeous glassy coat of China Glaze Up All Night, which I am in love with. It looks almost lit from within and is such a beautiful dark blue. It makes me think of stained glass. I’ll definitely need to swatch this on its own at some point.


I got a few stamping plates with lacy/flowery looking designs on them from Born Pretty Store. I used one image from plate Y003 here. I don’t have stamping polish, but I have the plates and I was way too excited to wait for anything to be shipped! I stamped with Wet n’ Wild Metallica (which a quick look online says is fairly popular for stamping—I just happened to have it!).


The metallic tape is from Sally’s, but you can get it pretty much anywhere, including Born Pretty Store.

I hope you guys like my birthday manicure as much as I do! 😀

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