Mystery! Intrigue! Suspense!

Are any of these polishes named? Nope. Do they have a brand name on them? Nope. Do I have the foggiest memory of where I might have acquired them? Kind of. Do I know other people who have this exact same, strangely unnamed set? Yes, which is a little weird!

The first color is a squishy, jellyish red with pink shimmer and teeeeny itty bitty gold flakes. I don’t gravitate towards this type of red at all, but I kind of dig this shade. Two coats.

Next is a cute raspberry color. It becomes brighter and more saturated on the nail than it looks in the bottle, which is interesting—normally it’s the opposite! This also has tiny little gold flakes that, like in the red, borders on being too small for flakes but too big for shimmer. I like this one too! Two coats as well.

This is an interesting color. It’s like a foily, dusty brown. It’s pretty sheer, which is usually fine for me since I rarely have a visible nail line anyway. This is two layers.

Last is my favorite! It’s a cute peachy pink color with lots of gold shimmer. I forgot I had this color and nearly bought a dupe or two, haha. It’s kind of similar to FingerPaints Peach Beach Scene but this one is way more interesting, in my opinion.

Does anyone else have this set or one like it? I no longer have the original packaging, but I’d like to know where it came from!

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