Happy Pastels

What’s better than good nail polish? Good nail polish that’s cheap.

b.s.n. Nail Lacquer and Win Cosmetics are brands that I’m assuming are pretty obscure. I can only find a handful of reviews for b.s.n., but no websites that are selling it. And I’ll never know how popular Win Cosmetics is, since Googling “win cosmetics” will just bring you to a bunch of contests and drawings. But they’re cheap, and wear nice! The only complaint that I have is that they both smell like toxic death, much like Kleancolor. I’m sure both brands have got all those yucky chemicals that most people try to avoid, but I don’t mind.

You guys should know by now how obsessed I am with this shade of springy, minty, pistachio green! And b.s.n. did not disappoint—I have a bunch of brands’ renditions of this color, but this is by far my favorite.

This is three glorious, buttery coats of b.s.n. Nail Lacquer Meadow. I didn’t mind needing a third coat, since that’s pretty typical for this type of color.

It’s so perfect.

Here’s another color I’m quite fond of! This is Win Cosmetics 49. If memory serves me, this was two thick coats.

It dries completely smooth and shiny on its own, as do all the other Win Cosmetic colors I’ve used!

I consider b.s.n. and Win pretty synonymous. They’re both affordable, but surprisingly good quality. But I can’t find much information about either of them online! Have any of you guys tried them? What did you think?

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