Dark Side of the Mood and Baldwin Blues

I have a couple of pretty straightforward swatches here. The colors seem to be kind of random, but there’s a reason for it!


First up is OPI Dark Side Of The Mood from their Fifty Shades of Grey collection. It’s a slate gray with some subtle shimmer.



I actually picked this up not knowing that it was from the 50SOG line. The 50SOG display at the store had a bunch of random colors on it, and this was sitting alone on the shelf with the rest of the regular OPIs. I was under the impression that this was a creme that had gone off from sitting on the shelf for so long! The shimmer surprised me, but in a good way.



Somehow, it managed to be sheer while also being a little tacky! I was not pleased. You can see where I ran into some trouble on my ring finger. This was two coats, but I probably would have slapped on a third if I wasn’t already using it for layering. It served its purpose, at least.


And here we have Color Club Baldwin Blues from their Harlem Lights collection. I’m not sure how to describe this color. I kind of want to say “dusty navy,” haha.



This was one coat. This was also used for layering, but on its own, I would have used two coats just to even things out.

What exactly these colors were layered under is coming up in a later post! The colors I’m swatching on there have a theme, and I didn’t want to distract from that, so I figured I’d give the undercoats a post of their very own. You shine on, li’l guys.

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