In which my nails pull a magical girl transformation

You guys look how cool this is

Okay okay, so you start off with two coats of Nails Inc. Primrose Park, right?



(This is an exact dupe of OPI You Blue It!.)

Then you add one coat of Sinful Colors Let Me Go.



That’s when the magic happens. Though Let Me Go shifts between green and lavender in the bottle, it turns my midnight blue polish all frosty… which I appreciate, since I don’t have another color even close to this! It reminds me of ILNP My Little Glacier, actually – not a dupe by any means, but similar.


I nicked this a couple of times, which on top of my hasty topcoat application is the only reason for the textural inconsistencies. Sinful Colors polishes tend to bubble on me most of the time, but Let Me Go didn’t give me any such problems.


It also made my polish duochrome! It shifts between icy blue and a bit of a deeper, richer shade. Nothing drastic, but still pretty fun. I imagine that Let Me Go would look closer to the color in the bottle and keep its green color shift if it was layered over a lavender or a periwinkle.

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