You Blue It!

OPI has the best names for its polishes. I’m such a sucker for puns.


These colors came together in one of OPI’s Tied & True sets, which also included two free hair ties. Me and my huge mess of hair appreciated it, we assure you.


What we have here is a layering combo for which I once again failed to photograph the base color on its own, OPI You Blue It! topped with OPI I Lilac Glitter!. But fear not, because I have an exact dupe of You Blue It! that I’m posting pictures of later in the week. I’m sure you’re all dying to know.
Edit: That dupe is here.


You Blue It! is a metallic midnight blue with amazing coverage; it was fully opaque in one coat.


As for the other polish, well, bar glitter is kind of divisive. It has a tendency to look like tiny little hairs; people either adore it or are kind of disgusted by it. I find I Lilac Glitter! more appealing than other bar glitters because the bars are iridescent and shimmery. As a bonus, the glitter is densely packed and only needs one coat for solid coverage.


Bah. Sorry for the little nick on my cuticle. Occupational hazard, I guess!

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