Cat Catastrophe

So my cat, Duchess, knocked over a glass of water a few nights ago. This is not an unusual occurrence, as her thirst for water is as voracious as her thirst for chaos.

I kid, though. She’s a mild mannered sweetheart.

… But she did totally spill that glass of water on my computer and fry the hard drive.


This means I won’t have any posts for a little while, although a replacement computer is on its way. All my photos were on there, though, so my post buffer is all gone… I’ve got to reswatch all my manicures I had photographed. 😦

Bear with me while I get my new laptop set up, and re-swatch everything, and get Photoshop again, and—

Yeah, pardon my radio silence for a little bit, you guys. Thanks for stickin’ with me. ❤

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