You Blue It!

OPI has the best names for its polishes. I’m such a sucker for puns.


These colors came together in one of OPI’s Tied & True sets, which also included two free hair ties. Me and my huge mess of hair appreciated it, we assure you.


What we have here is a layering combo for which I once again failed to photograph the base color on its own, OPI You Blue It! topped with OPI I Lilac Glitter!. But fear not, because I have an exact dupe of You Blue It! that I’m posting pictures of later in the week. I’m sure you’re all dying to know.
Edit: That dupe is here.


You Blue It! is a metallic midnight blue with amazing coverage; it was fully opaque in one coat.


As for the other polish, well, bar glitter is kind of divisive. It has a tendency to look like tiny little hairs; people either adore it or are kind of disgusted by it. I find I Lilac Glitter! more appealing than other bar glitters because the bars are iridescent and shimmery. As a bonus, the glitter is densely packed and only needs one coat for solid coverage.


Bah. Sorry for the little nick on my cuticle. Occupational hazard, I guess!

A Pink Affair



Pink everywhere!

I never wear pink, in clothing or polish—I love the color, but it looks terrible on me! But, I must say that I do adore Sinful Colors Island Coral, a coral/salmon creme.



Island Coral is what most people would call a crelly, I think. It’s a squishy jellyish polish that layers to opacity. I’m wearing three coats here.


The metallic color is Win Cosmetics 85. This is… I want to say two coats? It might have been one. I’m wearing it over one coat of Island Coral. Kinda streaky, but pretty.

Nude Day

My poor nails. They break at the slightest touch! Maybe it’s because I don’t drink enough water. (I’m actually half lizard. Don’t tell anyone.)


So here are my tiny short baby nails in Icing Today is a Nude Day topped with Nina Ultra Pro Pink Frost. I’m kicking myself for not getting pictures of Nude Day on its own! (Note: if anyone ever asks you for pictures for anything called Nude Day, run.)


Pink Frost is interesting. It’s fleshy pink in the bottle, but it’s sheer and adds a cute frosty blue shimmer to whatever base color you put it over. I imagine it’d simply show as blue over a black base, much like Maybelline Color Show Crystal Disguise, only with more uniform coverage.



I have a few polishes that look one color in the bottle and look totally different when layered. I think I’ll make a master post of all of those one day. It’d be a fun little experiment.

Purple incoming!

I don’t usually go for purples. But I knew I had to pick this up.


This is Nina Ultra Pro Purple Xing.



It’s a deep purple with blue shimmer and packed with silver holographic hex glitter. And I love both of those things! Hooray for me.


This was two coats, which applied like a dream, and it lasted me a good four days with Out The Door topcoat.


Thanks, Nina!

Sparkles abound

These were my last manicures of 2014. Thankfully, they were still safe and sound on my camera while my computer was way less lucky.



This is China Glaze December To Remember from their Holiday 2014 Twinkle Collection. It’s a gorgeous steel blue with duochrome shimmer that shifts between gold and pink, which unfortunately wasn’t captured too well in my photos. You can see it in the bottle, though!




It’s a perfect winter color. It’s subtle and and pretty and applied like magic. It didn’t wear terribly well, but I’ll forgive it for its easy application. This was two coats.


And this is Deborah Lippmann Magic Carpet Ride! Not really winter-themed, but it did immediately make me think of New Year’s Eve.



Magic Carpet Ride is a black jelly that is absolutely packed with glitter. I’m wearing one coat here, and this is after wiping a good amount of it off because there was too much glitter—large holographic silver hexes, small silver hexes, and silver and blue diamond shapes. I have a coat of black underneath this, because multiple coats of MCR probably would have been horrible to work with. One coat is all you need and then some! Then just a add a coat of Gelous and a coat of topcoat to make everything perfectly shiny and smooth. ❤

Oh, just peachy.

That was pretty much my sentiment when my hard drive failed and I lost my post buffer and all my photos. So I decided that the first mani I swatch after getting my new laptop should be something, well, peachy!



This lovely shimmery goodness is Finger Paints Peach Beach Scene. The cold weather has been wreaking havoc on my poor nails, and I had to trim them all down; I’ve noticed that light colors look best on my nails when they’re this short, so Peach Beach Scene seemed like the best polish for me. 😀



I used three coats here, which applied like magic. The opacity of the polish was a little tricky for me to figure out; I have virtually no nail line right now, so I couldn’t vouch for how well three coats is covering any VNL. If you have the opportunity to try this polish out, 1) absolutely go for it, and 2) use a nude base underneath it, just for good measure.



I almost want to call this a duochrome. Sometimes it’s pure peach shimmer and sometimes it’s a rosy pink to my eyes.


Either way, it’s very cool, and I’m enjoying this polish a lot. I think this is the first time I’ve posted a manicure that I’ve still had on my fingers! This is some weird Twilight Zone stuff for me, haha.

It feels good to be back, though. I have a few other manicures photographed that I, thankfully, hadn’t transferred from my camera before my hard drive died, so at least I’m not totally without a buffer. Those will be up soon!

Cat Catastrophe

So my cat, Duchess, knocked over a glass of water a few nights ago. This is not an unusual occurrence, as her thirst for water is as voracious as her thirst for chaos.

I kid, though. She’s a mild mannered sweetheart.

… But she did totally spill that glass of water on my computer and fry the hard drive.


This means I won’t have any posts for a little while, although a replacement computer is on its way. All my photos were on there, though, so my post buffer is all gone… I’ve got to reswatch all my manicures I had photographed. 😦

Bear with me while I get my new laptop set up, and re-swatch everything, and get Photoshop again, and—

Yeah, pardon my radio silence for a little bit, you guys. Thanks for stickin’ with me. ❤