Short but Sweet

This is my “paint my nails at work” color of choice.


Maybelline Color Show Amethyst Couture is opaque in one coat and dries super quickly. It’s perfect for the days I go to work with naked nails and want to slap something on really quickly in between customers.


I have a coat of topcoat on this—it dries matte on its own, which admittedly looks nicer, and makes the glitter stand out a little more. It’s got gold shimmer and small violet hex glitter in a dark purple base.

This… could be a jelly, I guess? Jellies usually aren’t so opaque. What are you trying to pull here, Maybelline? I need answers.


So Amethyst Couture is a perfect last minute one-coat polish that dries fast and doesn’t need any topcoat; the only downside being that the wear time on it suuuucks. It usually chips on me within hours, sometimes even in just a couple of minutes. But I love it so. I haven’t even seen anything else that looks anything like it. Maybe a second coat would improve the wear time?

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