Autumn All Over The Place

Let me start this off by saying that Rainbow Honey’s Great Pumpkin scented topcoat is the best thing to happen to my nails or to my nostrils. The only negative I have to say about it is that there is no way to not look a little strange while huffing your nails. But other than that, I’m pleased—the scent didn’t fade for four days, and the topcoat also kept my manicure intact much longer than any other topcoat I’ve used.

This is the entirety of Rainbow Honey’s September Limited Edition Set. On my index finger, pinkie and thumb I have Rainbow Honey Calabaza, a pumpkin-colored orange (Spanish speakers, it’s okay, you can roll your eyes) with copper and gold shimmer. The formula was fairly thick and a little tricky to apply, but not really problematic at all. GE
On my middle and ring fingers is Rainbow Honey Apple Peel, which I am in love with. A lot of Rainbow Honey polishes tend to be on the thicker side, but Apple Peel is perfection. Two thin coats is all you need. It’s also probably the most autumn-invoking color I’ve ever seen, with bronze shimmer in a deep red. GE This was my first time purchasing one of Rainbow Honey’s LE sets, and I absolutely intend to do so again, I was so pleased with everything. Their service is amazing, too—some of the colors I’d purchased weren’t in stock at the time, so they included a whole bunch of extra goodies in my order and sent the late arrivals separately, and kept me updated by email the whole time. You couldn’t ask for better customer service. GE
Also, look how sparkly these colors are. Dang.

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